Meet Fourteen is keen!

Meet.14 is prepared with special sauce, as the whole night is a catalyst event for the weekend’s Make.02 hackathon. The hackathon is dedicated to the Data.One app competition (link below) which has HK$140,000 in prizes. There’s so much talent in our community that we’re confident that if we just put you together in the same space for a weekend, there will be no limits to what you come up with! That’s what the hackathon is for, and that’s what this night will be prepping you for.

Make.02 participants will have a 1 minute pitch for each of their ideas. Each pitch closes with the number and type of team mates that is required to build a prototype within the weekend. Ideas are voted on to get a sense of which projects have popular support. At the end of the night all the teams are formed, and the projects are set in motion!

Meet.14 is open to onlookers, curious what a Make hackathon might take. But keep in mind that Make.02 tickets (link below) are limited. So, once they’re gone, you’ll miss out on a chance to join an awesome hackathon team formed this night!

We’ll also have a special guest to inspire your projects. T.H. Schee has been the showrunner for Open Data in Taiwan for over 4 years now, and I’m super glad he’ll be joining our hackathon!

For questions on the Make.02 hackathon, head over to the event page or shoot us an email.

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Whether you’re already familiar with Open Data or just want to find out what it is, come to our regular meetup (happens every 3 weeks). No technical skills required. Come out and meet fellow Hong Kong Open Data enthusiasts.

第12次例會了!無論你已很熟悉Open Data,或只是想多認識Open Data,歡迎參加我們每三個星期的定期聚會,跟其他Open Data關注者碰面。

LOCATION Location : Mini-theater at the GoodLab!