The Hackathon dedicated to Hong Kong’s Open Government Data Portal.

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So you’re entering the new year with the bravado that comes with all things novel. This year, perhaps you’ll spend more time on personal projects, you’ll code for good, or fashion yourself a data maven. Open Data Hong Kong also has ambitious resolutions for the new year. One of them is helping you make good on yours, starting with our second civic hackathon!

The Make.02 hackathon is dedicated to building apps with Data.One - Hong Kong Government’s Open Data portal. The portal features datasets from domains like Buildings Data, Census Data and Food & Hygiene. The folks in charge of the portal, the OGCIO, are organising an app competition with HK$140,000 in cash prizes. We want to enable you to give it your best shot, so we’re organising a dedicated hackathon where you can team up and collaborate on ideas for the competition.

The Data.One app competition is developer oriented, but don’t let that dissuade you from joining the hackathon. The most effective teams are multi-disciplinary and it may take an edge to win. Creativity, Originaility, Design and UX each have their own award categories, so I wouldn’t count yourself out just because your keyboard produces music instead of code.

The hackathon follows a familiar format; all participants are expected to join Wednesday’s Catalyst night, where people have a 1 minute pitch for each of their ideas. Each pitch closes with the number and type of team mates that is required to build a prototype within the weekend. Ideas are voted on to get a sense of which projects have popular support. At the end of the night all the teams are formed, and the projects are set in motion. The weekend itself is spent building the projects. Doors open at 10:00 until just before the last MTR. At 18:00 on Sunday all teams present their prototypes and people can vote on their favourites. We’ll leave cash prizes up to the Data.One Competition :) So, Make.02 consists of two events. Both of which you’ll need to attend, as teams for the weekend are formed at the Catalyst night.

Catalyst Night

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 - TheGoodLab


Weekend, 25-26 January 2014 - TheGoodLab

Tickets are HK$60 and can be booked via Eventbrite. They give entry to both events and should be purchased in advanced. Remaining tickets will be made available to the curious souls who attend the Catalyst Night without passes.

For questions, please contact us here or via e-mail at

The deadline of the Data.One competition is February 28, so after the competition you’ll still have a month to polish your app. But if Make.02 is anything like the previous edition, you’ll discover hidden caches of genius and productivity over the weekend and you’ll make great headway in the first 32 hours.

Here’s to another exhilarating weekend, here’s to great Open Data initiatives in the year to come!

Hope to see you there!

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